Our Story

 Irrigation scheduling based on scientific evidence - smart decisions, smart choices

Our Vision

We are driven by the desire to develop technologies and services which allow water management based on plant needs to take the ‘guesstimation’ out of the equation

Our Technology

Our irrigation optimisation solution utilises a new paradigm of irrigation scheduling based directly on what matters most, the plant’s water status. 

Our Team

Dr. Vinay Pagay


Grapevine and plant physiologist at the University of Adelaide, with over 10 years experience in vineyard irrigation and developing and using plant water status sensors.

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Dr. Fran Doerflinger


Horticulturist and Pomologist with over 10 years of industry and academic experience in plant physiology, horticultural crop production and fruit quality assessment.

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How it works


 Irrigation scheduling based on scientific evidence - smart decisions, smart choices


Real time plant water data updates and management through cloud applications and smartphone accessibility allow for continuous monitoring and fast decision making


Plant water sensing will revolutionize vine water management and irrigation applications and allow growers to set their vineyard up for the 21st century.

"The game changing product you'll need"

Collaborators and partners 

Tel: 123-456-7890

Adelaide, South Australia